What is FAM

Fondazione Andriana Marcello, the Burano Lace Center, was established in 1966 by members of the Burano Lace School with the sole purpose of reviving in Burano the inimitable art of lace-making, which has made the island in the lagoon world-famous, to preserve its purity and splendor.

Palazzo Mocenigo, Award ceremony, Competition Un merletto per Venezia, 2018. On the left speaking, Dottoressa Chiara Squarcina​​, on the right sitting, Conte Umberto Marcello Del Majno, President Fondazione Andriana Marcello and Professor Doretta Davanzo Poli, Jury President of the Competition
The Lace Museum in Burano

To protect the exquisite art of lace-making and promote the different types, the Foundation loaned its patrimony to the Municipality of Venice, which was consequently entrusted to the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, specifically to the Lace Museum where one can admire the masterpieces of the collection and where Master Lacemakers are often present, creating their splendid lace as visitors watch to demonstrate what skill, artistry, and time are needed for their extraordinary handiwork.